Logo Suite

A great start.
Our logos are made with your brand in mind. Whether you prefer a subtle logo, or an elegant exaggerated logo.


Spice up your business.
Our branding kits are tailor-made to suit your brand and theme to keep your clients engaged.


The attention grabber.
Our marketing bundle is made to grab your audience's attention & generate new leads.

A La Carte

Build your own bundle.
The freedom to pick and choose specific services for your brand

Who exactly
do we cater to?

We pride our selves with top of line graphic design services that aid a variety of people and groups. That includes business owners, music artists, you-tubers, and more.

Business Owners

Branding & Marketing
Our most popular services include logo design and branding materials for businesses to maintain a clean aesthetic.

Musical Artists

Cover Art
We cater to music artists and producers with professional cover art design that brings the music to life.


Banner, Intro & Outro
Take your Youtube to the next level with our Youtube Bundle that includes a professionally designed and themed banner, intro & outro.

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Have a vision?

If you wish to start up a small business, upscale your current business, or simply bring your vision to life, QbanCreations is here to fulfill everyone's business needs.

We are proudly nominated as the head marketing executive and graphic specialists for Gman Entertainment Music Group.